Bugg Basic (På engelska) (förflutet)

Datum:20240226 (förflutet)
Första tillfället:20240205

Welcome to our basic course in Bugg!

This course is for beginners and is held in English.

Here you will learn the basic steps and to lead and follow. We will continue with a number of simple figures where spins and translations will create variation in your dance. We will also give a brief recapitulation about how music and pace work so that you can easier understand how the dance is constructed and correlates to the music.

The course consists of 12 lessons, each of which is 90 minutes. In the middle of each lesson we will have a short break for rest and refreshments.


We encourage you to apply in pairs but you can also apply individually. Regardless of if you apply as a pair or not, we will switch partners often so that you will receive experience with dancing with different people. This also makes it more fun!

We expect that when you come to our dances and lessons, that you are healthy and free from symptoms.


Prior experience necessary: None

Applications are binding and membership is obligatory.